Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Writerly Predicament

So this is my predicament:  I feel I'm supposed to be writing.  Writing lots.  But I hate writing.

My solution:  Procrastination by way of reading.

Reading seems to be the only escape from the arduous task of writing that my conscience will allow me.  Reading is, after all, research for writing, right?  Reading is the other side of the writing coin, and all writers should also be readers.

That's my justification, but I'm looking nervously over my shoulder as I bury my nose in my books.

I feel I'm at a crossroads in my life's journey.  Or maybe taking a short detour, off the beaten path, that's bound to lead, eventually, back to the main highway.  I'm pretty sure the detour is part of the "rest" God has called me to right now, but I suspect it won't be long before I am catapulted back into the writer's world again. 

I have no idea what that catapult will look like, or when it will sneak up behind me, but in the mean time I intend to make the most of my sojourn in the reader's world.

Also in the mean time, to assuage those little pangs of guilt and anxiety I get when I leave the writing behind for very long, I will occasionally post a blog.  This one is about, of course, reading.

My taste in books is eclectic.  If you'd like to take a peek into my reading world, I invite you to check out my Amazon reviews.  Some of the books I enjoy are deeper than others, but all my choices are uplifting.  Whether they deal with spiritual issues directly or not, every book I've reviewed will leave you with a sense of hope.

I plan to add to this list of reviews as I read, as a way to further justify my reading and keep my writing skills exercised.  I'll keep you posted as new reviews come up.  Meanwhile, if any of these reviews prompt you to join me on the reading journey, I will feel affirmed.  I will feel like I am, in Mr. Topham's words, "a very useful engine."*

Here's the link to my current Amazon reviews.  I highly recommend all these books to any of my reading friends.   

And here's a link to the last post on my writing blog, which is, predictably, also about reading and Amazon reviews.

Please comment here, or connect with me in other ways, if you read any of these books and enjoy them.  It's a tad lonesome on this side road, and I'd love to have a comment or a conversation about your own reading journey now and then.

*  If you have kids or grandkids you will understand this reference.  If you aren't you'll have to Google it.