Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That's About the Size. . .Where You Put Your Eyes

I’ve caught myself moaning to God throughout the day lately: “God, I need you.”

I need Him to lift my spirits when I look at what’s happening in the world around me. I need Him for encouragement when people I’m praying for show no sign of responding to Him. I need Him for guidance as I make plans for my life.

The niggling anxiety that drives me to cry out to Him in this way is probably part of creation’s groaning as we all wait together for His promised, final redemption. It’s a temporary necessity. But I’m realizing I don’t have to stay in the groaning state. The groans lead me to Him for a reason. He supplies all my need. He is all I need. So why do the groans keep coming?

This morning I woke with a new revelation—a truth I “knew” all along but one that has not penetrated past the moan-center of my brain in a while. The truth is this: if I stay focused on the need, the plea is not answered. But if I shift my focus to His over-abundant grace and power, my heart finds rest. Every time. Instant peace comes when I look at His face, because I know He is more than able to supply all my need. He’s promised to do that and my experience has proven that He does, every time. The peace leaves when I look away from His face. It’s that simple.

Duh! When did I lose that perspective?

There’s an old Sesame Street song, sung by Kermit, I believe. I can only remember the first three lines, but they’ve stuck with me since my kids’ toddler years: “That’s about the size. . where you put your eyes. . .that’s about the size of it.”

That’s about the size of it. If I keep my eyes on Jesus, the grace that comes from His Holy Spirit will wash over every element of my day—every unsettling piece of news, every frustrated attempt to accomplish something lasting, every mundane chore I do that will need doing again tomorrow, every disappointment, sorrow, fear. All will be covered and conquered.

I want to remember this song until the habit of turning my eyes toward Him becomes ingrained in my spirit.

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Bakatya said...

Thank you for your eloquent comment at Christianity Today. It was a blessing to read something positive today. I pray that God will bless you today.