Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Only Thing That Matters

Power comes from just receiving God's love.

What an amazing statement. Can it be true? I've been pondering this for a while, and something about it really resonates with me at a deep level.

It makes sense. Because He is an out-pouring God. Everything comes from Him. We can't give Him anything that hasn't come from Him. Everything comes out of His love.

Wayne Jacobsen says, in the wonderful book, He Loves Me, that "[God] is not interested in your service or sacrifice. He only wants you to know how much you are loved."

That doesn't mean we don't give service to Him, or ever sacrifice anything. Service and sacrifice come out of us as a natural response to knowing--really knowing, deep down--that we are loved, deeply and unconditionally, by Him.

I have decided that my relationship with God is not the most important thing in my life. It's the ONLY important thing. Everything else that matters flows naturally out of my walk with the Lord.

What an easy yoke it is!

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Lisa said...

That's exactly what God is looking for - a knowing that our relationship with God is the ONLY thing that matters in our life. I think our lives would be radically transformed if we truly understood just how much He loves us.