Friday, March 23, 2012

A Not-So-Perfect Storm

See my new baby netbook? Cute, eh?

I didn't get it without a fight.

A week ago I was storming around the house because I was NOT getting my way. I'd found the perfect little laptop and was all set to rush out and buy it, but Dennis said I needed to wait and think about it first.

My husband, unlike me, moves at the speed of molasses in January. All my arguments (I had done my research, this was the ONLY one that would work for me, and I needed it before the writer's conference I was going to the end of the month) fell on stubbornly deaf ears.

Now I have to say my "storming around the house" was not a literal storming. I've matured a lot since the day I slammed my office door so hard the family picture fell off the wall, broke the glass, and gouged Dennis' smiling face in the photo. But I was frustrated, rebellious and bitter, and the storm lasted an hour or so before the sun broke through and I was able to let go and get on with my life.

Then, a couple of days later, I happened across another netbook in Future shop that was $200 cheaper and just as good as the one I'd had my eye on before the storm.

It was a white one--the only white one left--the display model. I was pretty sure I needed a white one.

By this time Dennis was reconciled to the fact that $300 of our hard-earned wages was ultimately going to have to go there, so we were able to agree on this purchase without a storm.

I've come a long way. For the most part, now, I manage my life without temper tantrums. One of these days I might even cut the wait time between passion and peace to a few seconds: the exact amount of time it takes to surrender my desires to the Lord and trust Him to work them out, in His time and way.

Meanwhile, I'll repent, ask God to help me grow up, relax into forgiveness, and work at trying to figure out how to turn this thing on.

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