Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Joy of Rightness

The rightness of God is what makes him worthy of praise and worship.  

Yes, he is powerful, wise and inconceivably great.  Those are all awesome attributes.  But it's his rightness, his righteousness, that makes him worthy.

We love rightness.  And we know, instinctively, what foundational rightness is.  We may be confused about the specifics.  The influence of our godless culture has marred our perception of righteousness in many of the details of ethics and morality.  But we still understand the essential rightness of love, not hate; of peace, not war; of charity, not greed; of humility, not hubris.  

We know what makes the good guy good, and the bad guy bad.

Rightness is good, and God is the essence of rightness.  He is always, completely, amazingly, wonderfully right and good in every way.

And worship of God solely for his rightness is pure, unadulterated joy.


Janet Sketchley said...

Well said! And worship of God like this fulfills a deep, instinctive need. No wonder we're miserable when we don't!

Ginny Jaques said...

For sure, Janet. I'm thinking a lot about what makes for proper worship. Too often I worship Him for what He does for me. That's idolatry, actually.