Saturday, May 25, 2013

Water from God's Perspective

Argyle Creek
God loves water.  He has to.  He created it.  He uses it to bless his world.  And I'm convinced he has so much fun with it.  

I love water too.  And I love God all the more when I realize we share this delight. 

Psalm 104 gives us a lyrical vision of the amazing water cycle going on all around us, day after day, season after season, from God's point of view.  The Psalm is full of a sense of God's delight in the part water plays in sustaining the world he has created.

Water is Fun (vs. 3)

In the beginning, he lays the beams of his upper chambers on the waters, and he rides on the clouds.  He doesn't ride on the clouds because he needs to get somewhere.  He just has fun doing it, like we do water skiing.  

Water Cleanses  (vs. 6-9)

He covered the whole earth, mountains and all, with water, as with a garment. Then he thundered and the waters fled, flowing over the mountains and down into the valleys.

This stanza of the poem is the only one written in past tense.  It's a description of the flood, when God washed the world of evil and gave us all a fresh start.

After he did this, he set a boundary so the water could never get that deep again.

Capilano Lake Above Cleveland Dam
Water Sustains Life  (vs. 10-13)  

He makes springs pour water into the ravines; it flows between the mountains and gives water to all animals on the way down. The birds nest, and rest, and sing by the waters. 

Then, at the bottom of the ravines, he gathers the waters into his upper chambers again, where it all started.  He takes them to the tops of the mountains, and sends them back down again. 

The land is satisfied by the fruit of his work.  

Not Rocket Science

My husband, the scientist, says Psalm 104 is definitely not science.  Dennis looks at water and sees molecules.  

God sees molecules too, and even smaller units of matter that Dennis can't see.  Ones that don't show up under a microscope.  

Beluga Whale at Vancouver Aquarium

But I know that when God looks at water he also sees it sparkle and shine.  And I'm convinced his own eyes sparkle at the thought of how much fun we can have with it.  He loves water for all these reasons.

Right now, God is sprinkling water on my world.  Tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out and dry it all up.  Next week I'm going to mix water with cement and patch my sidewalk.  So much fun!  

How many happy things are you going to do with water this week?

Here's a fun video/song that my husband and I can both appreciate, he for the science and me for the fun.  I'm going to watch it with my grandchildren, and explain what's going on behind the scenes. Water is so much more exciting and wonderful from God's perspective.  

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Janet Sketchley said...

Water is fun, sparkly and pretty. Thanks for this, Ginny. I love water, and I love this idea of God enjoying it too.