Monday, November 11, 2013

A Puff of Wind

I'm feeling singularly uninspired.  Have felt that way for a while.  Not sure why, or what is happening.  We've recently moved to a new neighborhood, and I feel the move signifies a new direction for ministry, but every time I ask God where he wants me to go on this next leg of my journey, all I hear is:


That's all.  God can never be accused of being wordy.

I don't like to rest.  It seems like such a waste of time.  I want to DO, and GO.  But after several weeks of asking for something to do, and getting the same one-word answer every time, I'm finally beginning to listen.

My life is still in the doldrums.  No wind in the sails.  But I'm no longer restless in that calm place.  I can't say I'm feeling particularly joyful, but I'm content to wait and trust.

This morning I was again wondering where my path was leading, and when I'd be allowed to step out onto the road again.  Feeling the spiritual equivalent of the Monday morning "blah's."  I came down to my office and found this blog post on Facebook. I'm sharing it with you in place of whatever inspirational words I might have come up with if I weren't sitting in this puddle of muddy spiritual water at the moment!

These words helped breathe life into my spirit, and a puff--just a puff--of wind in my sails.  I hope they do the same for you.

Jennifer's response to one of the comments on her post was especially encouraging.  She says:

We need to remind each other that our salvation does not depend on how we feel. This side of heaven, we are going to have those soul-dry moments, periods in the wilderness, moments that wring us out. And the enemy -- opportunist that he is -- is going to pounce all over you to make you think that your soul-cracked feeling is evidence that God is done with you. But God shouts louder, straight down through the universe, through the lens of Calvary: I am not done with you. I made you. You are mine. Sealed, signed, and delivered by My Son.

I found Jennifer through another Facebook friend, Lori Roeleveld.  I've "liked" both of their Facebook pages.  You might like them too.


Jennifer @ said...

Breathing in the goodness of God with you, friend.

Janet Sketchley said...

Thanks for sharing Jennifer's encouragement, Ginny, and I pray for grace to be still and rest. Enjoy this breather, wait with God and you'll hear His "go" when it's time.

Something About the Joy said...

Appreciate the comments and the support, Jen and Jan. Blessings.