Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Open Letter to President Barak Obama

Dear President Obama,

I read with interest the thoughtful, loving letter you wrote to your daughters when you were first elected. You wanted to introduce them to life in the White House.  I appreciate your desire to care for all children as you would your own.  You want “every child to have the same chances to learn and dream and grow and thrive that you(r) girls have.”  You say this is why you became president.

These are lofty goals and I’m glad you want to create a world in which all children can dream and grow and thrive.  But I’m puzzled about one thing.  I’m wondering why, in spite of your good intentions, some children do not appear to come under the nurturing, protective umbrella of your government.  Do all children count?  Or are you leaving some children behind?

What about children in the womb?  Do you want them to be able to dream and grow and thrive?  Do you want for them “every opportunity for happiness and fulfillment” and the advantages and privileges your own two beautiful girls have? 

Or do children have to survive until birth before they are allowed to thrive under your benevolent care?

What if, on the day of their conception, children are created?  What if, when they begin to grow and thrive in their mother’s womb, they are already significant human beings, vulnerable and helpless, totally dependent on the provision of other human beings, but deserving of our nurture and protection?  What if these children, in this vulnerable condition, are just as valuable as those who have had a chance to draw their first breath, or their second or third?

My heart cries for them—the ones who will not survive long enough to capture our hearts with their mischief and smiles.  The ones who will never know the joy of loving a puppy, because their lives are inconvenient for their parents, a drain on society, a burden on the welfare system.

Mr. President, you have great plans for this nation, and I pray you will be able to carry them out.  But if you do not extend your protective care over every child in this nation, you will have failed to carry out one of the most sacred duties God has charged your government to fulfil.  You will have failed to defend the rights of the most vulnerable and helpless of your citizens. 

By your own admission, the value of your life rests in the performance of your duties to the children of this nation.  My plea is that you consider performing those duties for all children in this nation—those who have been born and those, even more vulnerable, who are growing quietly in the womb.

Respectfully submitted,

Ginny Jaques

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