Friday, August 14, 2015

My Way

Just for the record, I want you to know that, in general, I'm pretty easygoing.  You might say I'm an amiable person.  I have lots of friends and they like me.  But, in spite of how nice I am, there are still some things that really annoy me.  In fact, I've found myself getting annoyed often lately, so I've thought a lot about the situation, trying to decide why this happens.

I have figured out there are three things that annoy me:

1.  I'm annoyed when someone gets in my way.  It's really disrupting when I'm going somewhere and someone gets in front of me and goes really slow.  Don't get me wrong.  I can be pretty patient at times.  But I do like my steady rhythms, without interruptions, and when someone breaks my routine I get annoyed.  As long as I'm allowed to go where I want at my own pace, I'm generally pretty docile, but people who get in my way are a real PAIN in the you-know-where.

2.  I'm also annoyed when someone doesn't see things my way.  I always think things through carefully before I make a decision to accept something as being true.  I eliminate all the false beliefs and, in the end, the belief I settle on is a good one.  But I find that often other people disagree with me.  I try to explain my way to them so they'll understand.  If they understand, I'm pretty sure they'll agree with me, so if I've explained my way carefully to them and they still don't agree, it's obviously because they haven't listened well.  And that is even MORE annoying.

3.  And, most of all, I'm annoyed when I don't get my own way.  When someone or something prevents me from getting what I want, or doing what I think I should do, I sometimes just lose it.  It is, after all, a free world.  Everyone has a right to do their own thing in their own way.  When someone stops me from doing what I want they are infringing on my rights, and I get REALLY annoyed when that happens.

So, if you want to know how to avoid getting put in my next book and killed off, just remember to avoid all of the above.  If you manage to do that we'll get along fine, especially after I've had my morning coffee.   

Seriously, if you're really nice to me--if you stay out of My Way when I'm busy, agree with everything I say, and let me have my own way about things--I might even make you a really good character in my next book and let you live forever.  It's totally up to you, really.

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